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Natural approach to support four different phases of Covid-19 disease

A new review publication in the Integrative Medicine Journal presents four potential phases of Covid-19 and five targets of support. Inflammation is thought to be an underlying condition that contributes to increased disease risk as well as comorbidity and declined immune system in older age.

The four phases of Covid-19 include prevention, infection, escalating inflammation and recovery. The five targets of support are:

  • Foundation support

  • Natural Killer (NK) cell support

  • Th1 cell support (which play a key role in antiviral immunity)

  • Anti-inflammatory support

  • Antioxidant support

These targets can be achieved through a well balanced, diet and key nutritional supplementation as well as lifestyle management (exercise, sleep and stress).


Yanuck SF. et al. (2020) Evidence supporting a phased immune-physiological approach to COVID-19 from prevention through recovery. Integrative Medicine. 19:S1.

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