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Welcome to our Nutritional Therapy Clinic

The clinic is run by a qualified nutritional therapist with a degree in Personalised Nutrition and is registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), is a professional member of the British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and is insured to Practice.


The NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coaching is integrated in each consultation to support clients to implement and sustain diet and lifestyle change.

Functional Medicine Model principles is applied and is explained at the outset of initial consultations.


Diet plans are based on Functional Nutrition which emphasizes healthful eating personalised to your genetics, lifestyle, environment, and health concerns.


Recommended laboratory assessment and nutritional supplements are considered appropriate; liaise where possible with medical practitioners. Clients are informed of drug-nutrient interactions. 

We are committed to operating a culture and ethos of openness, and as such always welcome feedback from clients on their experience and suggestions of how we can improve our services.



Booking information

Consultations are available by appointment only. You can make a booking online or by email. In case that your chosen date/time is not available, we will contact you as soon as possible to offer an alternative slot.

Prior to the initial consultation, you are required to sign Terms of Engagement and complete the Health Questionnaire which will be sent to you with a booking confirmation. This is very important as the nutritional therapist can look into your case prior to meeting with you. Failure to complete and return the Health Questionnaire (at least 2 days before the appointment) may result in overrun consultation time and we withhold the right to charge you for extra time at the rate of £20 for up to 15 mins.


See Root Health Plan





Nutritional therapy consultations are held at the following location:

  • The Earley CresCent Resource Centre, Warbler Drive, Lower Earley, Reading RG6 4HB (Free parking available)

  • Virtual clinic (via Zoom)



Consultation fees


Please refer to our services.



Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask that you provide us at least 24 hour notice. Rescheduling will incur a fee of £15.




Payment can be made online or via BACS in advance (at least 2 days prior to your appointment).

Please note fees are for the consultations only (unless otherwise stated). Additional costs may be incurred if dietary supplements or functional tests are recommended. These are optional and will be discussed during the First Follow-up consultation.

Medical Insurance

Some private medical insurers have complementary therapy cover in their policies that may cover nutritional therapy. A referral letter from a specialist or a GP is usually required. However, it is unlikely that insurance will cover the full fees, nor do they cover any costs of functional tests or supplements.


Anyone who wishes to use insurance to cover part of the costs should first check with their insurers. It is necessary that you have received prior authorization from your insurance company. Please note that you will need to pay all fees to us, and then reclaim this from your insurers.


Initial Consultation


The initial consultation lasts approx. 1 hour 15 minutes. It begins with goal setting followed by taking an in-depth health history based around your health questionnaire,


First Follow-up Consultation

This session involves explanation of what might be the underlying causes of current health issues, negotiation of diet and supplement plans, lab testing recommendation and finally self-assessment of symptoms using MYMOP (Measure Your Medical Outcome Profile).

A summary report including personalised food plans, drug-nutrient interaction, supplement order form and recommended lab testing information will be sent via email within 3-5 working days.


With clients' consent, a letter will be sent to GP to inform their visit and any red flag symptoms (if applicable).


Add-on Follow-up Consultation 


A follow-up session involves reviewing progress, how client is getting on with the food plan, what has worked well and what has not, explanation of test results (if applicable), reasons for changes in symptoms, renegotiation to fit recommendations into lifestyle, social, ethical and financial considerations and improving on what did not work well and how this can be achieved, changes in medications and personal circumstances and/or any new goals. Please note that it is client's responsibility to inform the nutritional therapist regarding changes in their medications as this may affect drug-nutrient interactions.  

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